Why is Property Styling so important?

Property Styling is the act of a professional stylist arranging furniture and accessories to further highlight the features of your home, minimise its weaknesses and give your home that positive first impression.


Whilst Home Staging is the act of preparing your home for sale by way of cosmetic touches like painting and gardening, decluttering, and overall emphasising the strengths of your property.


Because of course you could do all of the home staging without any of the styling however you really would just be wasting your time and money, to get the maximum effect, home staging and styling must go hand-in-hand.


Here is why:


Digital marketing in real estate has become an essential part of a Realtor’s sales strategy, 95 percent of homeowners use the internet to search for homes and 54 percent of home buyers stated that the use of the internet was the first step taken during the home buying process.


Further to these statistics, 89 percent of buyers found that photos and detailed information about the properties to be very useful in deciding whether it was worth visiting the property in person, of those 84 percent said they would overlook a property if it didn’t appear to be styled professionally or was in disrepair.


We live in a digital age, with nearly every one in society connected to the internet at any given time and through a range of devices, a buyer is in their home, in their office, or sitting on a buss looking at their phone, they are flicking through real estate sites like realestate.com.au or domain and looking at your property and will be making immediate impressions based on those photos.


The way a property presents online will determine the number of potential buyers who come through the door. The market wants to have all the information about your property at its fingertips, including being able to fully understand the scale, size, character, and quality of the property, all from a photo.


Essentially property styling is so important because it is all about marketing your property for sale, 98 percent of real estate agents said they recommended property styling to their vendors and believed it made the property standout and easier to sell.


As such, property stylists need to have a full understanding of not only interior design concepts and techniques but also knowledge of the real estate market and what buyers are looking for in various areas – not all buyers are looking for the same things, therefore home staging and styling is not a one size fits all approach.


The underlining intent of property staging, and styling is to make your property a marketable product, rather than to make it beautiful – “beautiful” is a by-product of the process. Property Styling is all about marketing.


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