Who We Help

property styling

We help Property Investors who are wanting to update their investment property to attract a higher rental yield.


We help Homeowners who are wanting to put their home on the market but do not know where to start or find the whole presale process daunting and would like someone to walk with them through it.


We help homeowners who understand the value of Presale Presentation, Property Styling and Furniture Hire as a necessary investment in their real estate marketing campaign.


We help time poor professionals who just don’t have the hours to lend to preparing their property for sale, after spending a full 48+ hours at work, the last thing you want to be doing on your weekend is organising trades and decluttering. We give you back your precious time and take care of everything for you.


We help Banks, Credit Unions, Property Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Insolvency Agents, Charity Organisations, Estate Executors, secure and minimise the loss to a property asset through our Property Preservation service.


We help client who are based in the Melbourne region and the Perth region.


To discuss your property requirements, get in contact with us here.