What is a Vendor Advocate?

In the selling of a home transaction, there are few professionals that work together to make the process go as smooth as possible.

There is the real estate agent who is responsible for the marketing of your property and handling the overall selling process.

Then there is a Buyers Advocate whom represents the potential buyer of your property.

Then there are Conveyancers, Building Inspectors and Property Stylists, all of these professionals play a vital role in the selling process of your home.

However, there is a highly valuable professional that is becoming popular amongst vendors, similar to a Buyer’s Advocate, though they’re role is to represent the Seller even long before an Agent is engaged, they Vendor Advocates.

But what do they actually do and do you need one for the sale of your property?

Like your very own personal assistant

Buying and selling real estate is probably the single most expensive transaction you will ever undertake and there is a lot at stake.

Even I, who work in real estate, and would feel fairly confident in selling my own property – I get a migraine when I have to think of all the different part required to make a property sale ready, it’s definitely very stressful and not for the faint of heart.

A Vendor Advocate is a person you enlist to take care of and manage your presale, marketing, negotiating and anything else you may require assistance with, when selling your home.

Before you put your home on the market, a Vendor Advocate has extensive real estate knowledge about the top agencies in your area and the best performing agents within those agencies, so they will approach those people and work with you to find the best possible Selling Agent for your property.

They negotiate the commission, review the marketing plan and budget and make sure all the boxes are ticked.

Should you go to auction or not?

Do you need one of those whizzbang video tours to go with the online ad?

Do you need a few incentives to combat a flat market?

Are you asking for a reasonable amount?

Does your property need a makeover? Or a property stylist?

They’ll advise you on those questions and more. They’ll then keep an eye on the agent’s performance and evaluate how successful the campaign is.

A good one will check in regularly, providing updates and recommendations on what you should do.

how much does a vendor advocate cost?

The vast majority of them are free! Yes, free – zilch, zip, zero dollars.

The selling agent has just had their job halved, with a lot of their work done before they even step foot within your property, thanks to the Vendor Advocate, so they shave off a bit of the sales commission they get from you and give it to the vendor advocate, so you don’t have to pay them.

Interview with a vendor advocate

Please watch the short video.

I sit down with Jo Vaughan a Vendor Advocate at Selling Homes Melbourne.

We discuss exactly what a Vendor Advocate does and how they help you in the selling process.

Jo also gives tips on how to sell your home in a tough market and red flags to look out for when looking to hire a Vendor Advocate?

If you would like to get in contact with Jo, please click on the link above and you will be redirected to her business website where you can contact her directly.

For further information regarding property styling or presale advice please get in contact with Claire on 0497 669 454 or follow this link to our contact page.

Best of luck in your selling Journey.

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