What help do I need to sell my home?

Like with any marketing campaign, whether it’s for selling a property or selling a service, you require a team of professionals to represent your best interests. The right team is vital and will be the difference between a below average offer and a champagne price.


You don’t really need very much to just sell your own home, however if you are wanting to sell your home quickly and achieve the best possible price, then you need these two things:


  1. A great agent, who has your best interests at heart, is honest even when its not easy to be so and who regularly checks in, keeping you in the loop with the goings-on of your selling campaign.


  1. A fantastic stylist, who understands the best way to present your property and has a strong knowledge of what buyers are looking for in homes just like yours, so they can create a welcoming ambience which calls out to prospective buyers that your home is fresh, clean and ready to move into.


When your property is represented by a great agent and has been showcased in the most positive way by a fantastic stylist, it practically sells itself and most often than not, results in a significant increase in price.


Each demographic and property market have a different criterion which will influence what is the best way to help you sell your property and market it effectively. In a sellers’ market, it will be easier for the agent to attract buyers with minimal effort, whereas in a buyers’ market, it will be harder and consequently, a different approach will be required.


Take a step back and look long and hard at how your home might look to other people. This is always very difficult for homeowners to do. Understand that your choice of wallpaper, the richly patterned carpet, or outdated kitchen, may be things you can live with, but a prospective buyer sees neglect and something they will have spend money on to fix or replace, all of these things devalue your home and will not attract a buyer who is willing to spend top dollar.


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