The value of a great Real Estate Agent

How do you choose the best Agent to sell your home? What are the key attributes you should be looking for?

Finding the best agent can be challenging and somewhat overwhelming especially for those selling their property for the first time.

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Be wise in your selection process by understanding what the value of a real estate agent is, this should be the foundation upon which all your candidates are measured.

In the process of selling a property, the agent you choose should be representing your best interests, not their own or some else’s, how they treat you as a seller is as important as how they treat a prospective buyer of your property, so bare this in mind when selecting a selling agent.

1. Honesty is at the top of my list and it should be at the top of yours, it goes together with integrity and these things are critical for any relationship to work.

Go into every meeting with a potential agent with your lie detector turned on.

Does your appraisal sound inflated or to good to be true? Does the agent agree with you too much? Do they’re answers sound scripted? Are they personable?

The value of a real estate agent is in their open dialogue, this indicates that they are more likely to understand your needs and what you are wanting to achieve and will be open and honest about what you can achieve rather than telling you what you want to hear.

2. Communication is just as important as working with someone you trust.

You always want to be kept in the loop, you always want your phone calls and emails to be answered promptly and with clarity.

Remember this is the stuff you can see, this will be easy to find out by researching your agents and reading reviews from past vendors that they have sold property for, however finding testimonials on how they treat potential buyers who might be interested in your property, is not going to be as easy to find, and yet it is the pinnacle of communication because your selling campaign hinges on your chosen agent following up and responding to prospective buyers.

3. Experience. In my experience, the value of a real estate agent has less to do with “time on the job” and more to do with their skills, market knowledge, and contacts.

Sales experience is essential and has its own place at the right time in selling property, a fresh agent may not have the same amount of exposure in situ however may possess the skills to sell a property better and faster than a more experienced counterpart.

4. Word of mouth. This is a good indication of the value of a real estate agent. Glowing testimonials are one thing but a good honest opinion of someone from our peers is so much more. This is possibly the best way to make sure you are going to get value from your real estate agent.

5. Attention to detail. The value of a real estate agent isn’t just about their knowledge of the market, or their communication skills, equally important is how well presented they are in person as this will reflect their attitude to their job and will be an indicator of how they will treat you as a client.

It is all in how much effort is put in to ensuring they look professional and expert in their industry, selling themselves to you as the best candidate for the job, after all how effectively will they be able to sell your home, if they can’t sell themselves.

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