Supply Street, The Ponds

Client Brief: “we would like to add additional storage and make our home less dark and family friendly.”

We were contacted by the property sellers, who asked us to perform a presale consultation for cosmetic renovation and partial styling.

Since the property was new, there really wasn’t that much that it lacked or required in terms of maintenance, however the vendors sought us out because there were things about the property that bothered them, and they felt might affect the value and subsequent selling price of the property.

Their concerns were that the kitchen area was dark and required the overhead light on during the day and even so, the light didn’t seem enough, the kitchen lack lustre and needed something to make it stand out more.

Another concern was the hallway void, which was an impractical use of space and should become something, like another room and the limited storage available in the property left little to be desired.

First, we added three pendant lights over the breakfast nook, this hit the nail on the head and was just a quick inexpensive result that lifted the kitchen out of its gloom.

Next, we called in the carpenter to add custom joinery to a few of the rooms for added storage solutions, this included floating shelves and a built-in desk with drawers which converted the “void” into a small study nook. We also added a built-in shoe rack to the existing wardrobe of the master bedroom, and built-in entertainment console for the media room to match the existing cabinetry in the kitchen.

We then replaced the existing lounge suite with something smaller and slim line to suite the space better and create definition, our positioning of the new furniture was placed to enhance social interactions and make the room feel more open and inviting.

The client was thrilled with the end result, he thanked us profusely for transforming his property and couldn’t get over how different it looked.


Pre Appraisal $955,000

Partial styling and renovation $15,000

SOLD $1,650,000

Days on market: 14 days

ROI $695,000