Whether you require full or partial home staging to showcase your property for sale – we are here to help! 

The visual appeal of your property is the number one selling point and is what will drive interest in your property and get those potential buyers through your door. A home that looks its best, not only has the advantage of getting the best possible sale price, but statistically, spends less time on the market. 

What we do

Property Styling for Sale

Our stylists will use a range of presentation and decorating techniques to improve the appeal of your home and work with you to achieve the best possible sale price and attract potential buyers. The service is personal, each piece of furniture and decor is hand selected to ensure it is the perfect fit for your home. No need to run around sourcing this and that, everything is done for you.

Presale Presentation

Are you selling your home but don’t know where to start, or maybe, you know works is required but don’t know what will add the most value, or maybe, you just don’t have time to organise the trades? Whatever your need, Calmnest Property Styling is your solution. We can provide you with a DIY blueprint or we can plan and execute your project for you. 

Gardening & Landscaping

Whether your garden requires a quick touch up of lawn mowing, trimming of hedges and trees, or something more in depth like garden makeover, and plant plans – or affiliate contractors have something to suit your needs and ensure your exterior is looking just as exceptional as the interior of your property.  


Sometimes a property may require a spot or two of repair work and minor renovation such as ripping up carpet, painting walls, replacing light fittings, or bathroom and kitchen remodelling – these services can be arranged through your Stylist, and are just an extra feature Calmnest offers to assist in preparing a property for sale.

Cleaning & Decluttering

Cleaning and decluttering is another service that can be organised through your Stylist. It should be considered equally as important as the styling of your property. Cleaning makes your property look, feel and smell fresh and new, which will go along way to minimising buyer objections. 

Pest & Building Inspection

Do you need a pest and building report to comply with your settlement conditions? Ask your Stylist adding this to your quote. 

As with all our add-on services, Pest and Building inspections are carried out by third party providers, that are arranged through your stylist. 

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