Property Styling Price Explained.

Property styling makes a big difference to a property for sale, it can be the difference between a property that sells quickly and above asking price or a stale listing. Investing in a professional Property Stylist has proven results of increasing the value of a property by up to 12%, in dollar figures this could be up to $150,000+.

Usually a Stylist will provide home improvement ideas as well and may have an established trade list, they take care of all your presale stresses and ensure your property is listed looking its best. The fees are best broken down into the following areas;

• Cost of renovation (may or may not be directly paid to the tradesperson)

• Furniture and Décor hire, as well as delivery and removal

• Cleaning services (may or may not be directly paid to the service provider)

• Time and intellectual property of the Stylist.

A property Stylist may or may not facilitate trades to help you create that always dreamt of kitchen or living room. It is always better to find a Stylist that has a network of trustworthy and professional tradespeople as it allows a more seamless property style experience.

A simple remodel of your living spaces, or kitchen, or bathroom, can be the difference between a house that is a bit “meh” to a potential buyer, or scream “this place is perfect!”.

Furniture and décor hire is the main service provided by a property stylist. Typically, Stylist’s will offer a range of options including hiring from the Stylist’s own stock, hiring from one of their trusted furniture providers, or purchasing new furniture to stage in your listed house but allowing you the option to keep for your new home.

A good stylist will consult on topics such as maximising space and functionality, colour palette, lighting and other ways to increase the appeal of your property both internally and externally. This helps your agent take stunning photos of your property for it’s listing, as well as provide that real wow factor for potential buyers during open home.

Cleaning is an almost essential service that is provided by your Property Stylist.

I mean, how would you feel walking into an open home and seeing dirty clothes in the laundry, or grime in the shower? Gross! Instant turn off!

A good stylist will not attempt to do the cleaning themselves, instead they will have a trusted cleaner that has a proven track record of doing an amazing job. Why wouldn’t the stylist do this themselves? Well would you trust the baggage handler at an airport to fly your plane to Paris? Heck no – let’s get the professionals in here.

Finally, to tie it all off, a good Stylist will work tirelessly for you. They will provide a personal service tailored to your needs.

When you engage a Stylist for a consultation, you are paying for their professional ideas and suggestions. This is the gold that your Stylist provides.

It might seem like an expensive investment to some; however, you only need to look at the successful listings in your area to see the difference between a house that has been styled, and one that has not. A listing that has that real wow factor has been proven to move quicker and for more than your listing that looks extremely untidy and unkept.

The cost of a Property Stylist more than pays for itself. A standard 3-4 bedroom home might cost $3500 to $4500 to stage completely, it’s a small price tag compared to the return on investment hiring a professional Stylist has the potential of bring you.

The before and after images below, showcase the value of what a professional Property Stylist can do, the transformation is amazing.

And yes, a Stylist is worth the cost, but I didn’t need to tell you that right?

Just as if by magic, a Property Stylist can maximise the space of a property, enhancing flow and function.

Professional styling has no competition against DIY alternatives, and cannot be measured in cost alone, the service includes hours of behind the scenes planning and vision, high quality furniture and décor, and home improvement advice which let’s be honest, is the real value.

To read more about why you should use a Property Stylist here is a link to another blog post I wrote about just that.

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