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master bedroom styling
master bedroom styling
bedroom styling interior decorating Melbourne

Three-seconds is all you’ve got to make a first impression, if a buyer doesn’t feel an immediate emotional connection with your property, they will move on – just like that!

Anyone selling a property should be prepared to invest in property styling, it has become a must have service in the real estate market place.

Statistically, homes that have been professionally staged sell for more and faster than their un-styled competition.

We have had buyers approach us and advise that a particular thing we did attracted them to the property, these same buyers have told us that properties that hadn’t been styled where overlooked – so this feedback tells us, competition in the market is tough so you need to standout.

Property Styling packages are a minimum of 4 weeks paid plus 2 weeks free.

98 percent of homes we have staged have sold within 14 days of being on the market and sold for at least 10 percent more that the market average which equates to $40,000+ return on investment.

We help with Partial Styling, also known as Integrated. This is where we use items you may already have in your property and add pieces of our own to complete the look and feel. It may also include moving furniture around to make the rooms more functional and removing pieces that are not compatible with the space.

We help with Complete Styling, This is where we are using all of our furniture and decor to transform a vacant space into something that looks warm and welcoming. As the name suggests, complete styling package includes all the furniture, decor and linen as well as artwork and soft accessories to make your home….well, complete.

When used in conjunction with our Presale Presentation service, the results are packed with wow factor.

We would be thrilled if you chose us to stage your property. Get in touch for a free estimate or to book a consultation.