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master bedroom styling
master bedroom styling
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Three-seconds is all you’ve got to make a first impression, if a buyer doesn’t feel an immediate emotional connection with your property, they will move on – just like that!

As Property Styling Specialists we offer a range of solutions that can help you get your property sale ready.

Statistically professionally styled homes sell for 10% more and attract more interest than their un-styled competition.

If you don’t think property styling and furniture hire is something you can commit too, you may want to book a Presale Consultation session instead, this is an ideal option for those who want the “styled” look but don’t want a Stylist to do it for them.

Our packages

Partial Styling

At Calmnest Property Styling we specialise real estate marketing, more specifically we understand what buyers are looking for in your neighbourhood and tailor our styling packages to suit this.

There are two options for you to choose from in the Partial Styling suite:

Room-by-room (vacant only)

This is for those who would like to fully furnish certain rooms of their home for real estate photography purposes only.

Usually these rooms include the living and dining area and the master bedroom, however your Real Estate Agent may suggest a different layout.

Room-by-room means we only completely stage the rooms that will be photographed, and the furniture is removed straight after the photography has been taken.

integrated (not vacant)

Are you going to be living in the property whilst it is being sold? Then this package is for you.

(Note: this service is temporarily unavailable due to the COVID-19 regulations)

We use your existing furniture and décor where possible and add our own furniture and accessories to complete the look and feel of the home. It is important with integrated styling that you work with us and take our advice on board, we may make suggestions regarding removing oversized furniture or accessories and move furniture around to maximise functionality of a room – we make these suggestions to benefit your selling campaign by presenting you home as a marketable product so your cooperation is appreciated to achieve the best results.

Both Integrated and Room-By-Room packages start from $1500


Complete styling (vacant only)

Traditionally used on vacant homes, complete styling means we are starting with a blank canvas and filling the property with furniture and accessories that are exclusively hired for a certain campaign length, usually about six weeks.

Complete styling is the most popular option when preparing a home for sale, it suites investors and developers who are wanting to sell a property that has come to the end of its “tenanted” life – the tenants have moved out leaving a vacant shell.

A Complete Styling package includes all the furniture and accessories to make the property feel warm and inviting and look spectacular in real estate media.

The cost associated with this package may include the following:

  • Lounge suite, coffee table, dining suite, buffet, beds, outdoor furniture, lighting, and artwork
  • Rugs, cushions, bed linen, floral accents, kitchen, and bathroom décor, bedroom accessories
  • A hire period of 6 weeks (4 weeks paid plus 2 weeks free)
  • Furniture and accessories installation and collection at the end of hire period
  • Fully insured for peace-of-mind whilst the furniture is inside your home
  • Modern Contemporary furniture and accessories

Complete Styling packages start from $2000