Property Styling and Furniture Hire

vase of flowers on side table
Dining Table styling

Three-seconds is all you’ve got to make a first impression, if a buyer doesn’t feel an immediate emotional connection with your property, they will move on – just like that!

Buyers say when they are looking for a property, if it is not styled, they do not bother looking at it.

Property Styling should be an essential part of your real estate marketing campaign. If your Real Estate Agent doesn’t think so, get another Agent – the statistics speak for themselves.

At Calmnest Property Styling, we specialise in staging and furniture hire, so much so that everything we do is results driven, we strive for the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our selection of furnishings is high quality modern-contemporary and we aren’t afraid of using splashes of colour.

Our Property Stylists will provide you with a quote that is tailored to your pre-sale presentation requirements, including any renovation advice and costs associated with this.

From partial to complete furniture hire, our qualified stylists will use a range of decorating and presentation techniques to increase the appeal and functionality of your property, Calmnest also has a team of skilled movers to install the furnishings with the utmost respect to your property.

By choosing Calmnest as your selling partner, you can be confident the service has been performed safely and correctly.