Presale Consultation explained.

A Presale Consultation is not about property styling and furniture hire.

Though depending on your circumstances, may be accompanied by a quote for these services.

An in-home presale consult is not for everyone, it is best suited to older homes and sellers who acknowledge their property may require work however don’t know where to start or lack the confidence to make decisions.

Not to be confused with a site visit for property styling quoting purposes because this service is usually free and doesn’t take longer than 30-minutes.

Presale Consultations are in depth discussions that can take up to 1.5-hours and will attract a fee of anything from $60 to $250 plus for the Stylists time, advice and industry knowledge.

As part of the presale service, a Stylist will perform a thorough walk-through of your home, room by room and discuss areas that require attention.

This could be anything from odd jobs, decluttering, adding, removing certain furniture items, general garden maintenance advice, to complete landscape design, cosmetic renovation such as painting, replacing carpet and anything else that may distract buyers or make a property less appealing.

It also includes your external areas as well such as repainting a properties exterior, pruning trees to make them neat and tidy, mowing a lawn, pressure cleaning a driveway, the list is endless.

All of these things have one goal and that is to enhance the presentation of your home and make it look fresh, clean and new for potential buyers.

Depending on the suburb and demographic, and when presale advice is applied by the client, it saves time and money, and can add significant value to the sale price, proving to be a fantastic return on investment.

Our service is based on a 1-hour consultation however it is not timed, so if the consultation runs over by thirty-minute or so we aren’t keeping score – we just love what we do and providing our clients with results is what we do best, we can’t help it.

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