Beach Street

Beach Street, Silverwater (near Morrissett)

Client brief: “modern, coastal theme with family in mind.”

The client was in the middle of renovations as we were drafting our decorating layout and sourcing the furniture and accessories, when the client saw the property for the first time when we were finished the response was “it looks amazing, you did a fantastic job, better than I would ever imagine it could be.”

The home was filled with light and overlooked the foreshore which was the perfect backdrop for a furniture and décor palette that had a coastal vibe. The furniture we chose complimented the feel and look of the rooms and the brief of the client, we went with a natural palette of wood and white-washed tones with pops of aqua and sea green to make the living room come to life.

After we had styled the property, the client contacts us and was thrilled with the result, she couldn’t believe how amazing it looked.

The client contacted us again a few days later to advise the property had appeared in the Newcastle Times as “Property of the Week”.

Asking price was $385,000 property sold for $430,000 ($45,000 additional value).

Pre Appraisal $385,000

Complete styling price $5,500

SOLD $430,000

Days on market: 5 days

ROI $45,000