How to get your property ready for sale?

There are many things to consider when you make the decision to sell your property including finding a reputable agent, deciding on your target sale price, to go to auction, and how best to present your home to prospective buyers.

This may not seem like a long list; however, each part needs to be broken down further into other tasks and this is how selling a property can quickly become overwhelming and stressful.

With some guidance and you will be all set.

So, where do we start…

Sale price:

Probably the best place to start is to determine your goal sale price. Your personal circumstances will play a big part in this because your sale price needs to pay off an existing mortgage, cover selling fees, and ideally, provide you with a return on investment. If in doubt, seek advice from a qualified financial advisor.

Do your own research into your property market. Recent sales of similar properties in your area should provide you with a basic idea. Take note of how long these properties were on the market for and did they sell through auction or private treaty, where they renovated and styled etc. All these things will help you determine the value of your home.

Property presentation:

It is not always easy for a homeowner to take a step back and view the property from a buyer perspective, which is why agents often recommend engaging with a property stylist to review your home. A property stylist can provide you with a home assessment which covers repairs or renovations that could add value to your property and achieve a faster sale. Not all Stylists offer pre-sale consultations as part of the service, so if you feel your home may require additional work, make sure you are engaging with the right professionals.

As a Stylist who does offer pre-sale consultations to vendors, here is a list of things you might like to use as a guide to prepare your property for sale:

• Declutter your home and make sure your home is clean.

• Remove all unnecessary items from tables and benches, anything that may look messy.

• Remove all family photos from walls and around the house and remove personal items or anything of value.

• Choose a soft, neutral colour palette and add some cost effective styling items such as artwork, throws, decorative cushions, and décor to make your home feel welcoming and homely.

• Make small repairs and minor renovations such as painting, removing outdated or old carpet, removing outdated or heavy curtains and blinds, replace overhead lighting with modern fittings and use warm white globes. In most cases, a lick of paint is all a property really needs to make it feel “just renovated” and brighten the spaces.

• Remove evidence of pets living at the property this includes hiding food and water bowls, all accessories, fixing “cat flaps”, damage caused by a pet like scratch marks on back of doors, track runs, holes, and poop. If you are living within the property during a selling campaign, you may like to consider giving your pet to a trusted friend for the duration, to maintain a state of cleanliness.

• Remove odours. This is a very critical point and not one that should be overlooked. It includes cigarette smoke smell, pet odours including urination on carpets etc. under the sink smells from a trash can or decomposing unit.

• Cosmetically renovate an outdated kitchen or bathroom.

• Tidy the exterior of your property as well, pay attention to curb appeal, buyers will make judgement about your property before they even step foot in the front door.

• At your Open Homes add some fresh flowers, make sure internal doors are open and blinds are pulled back to make rooms bright and airy, turn lights on, maintain an even temperature with the home with heating and air-conditioning.

The way your home is presented has a flow on effect that will either attract or distract buyers. Three-seconds is all you’ve got to capture the interest of a potential buyer and keep them interested long enough that they want to make the effort to view your property in person.

Alternatively you can book a Presale Consultation and an experienced Stylist will come to your home and provide you with detailed advice on what you can do to get your home ready for sale.

Read my blog article published on She Says , called “Why should I use I Property Stylist?” for further information if you are still not convinced.

Pick a top Agent to represent you at sale

To summarise, choose an agent that you feel comfortable with and whom you believe has your best interests at heart, do your research and look beyond the glowing reviews from other sellers, how does this agent treat prospective buyers (the very people who are interested in you property).

In my article I go through the top qualities in order of most desired that Sellers have said they either wished their Agent possessed or what they considered to be the most important.

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