Hipages – Room Makeover

Here is a Room makeover I participated in on behalf of Hipages  a few years ago.


It was the first time I had appeared on video and I didn’t actually know that the job was going to be recorded until I turned up on the day.


You have one of those rooms in your house that is suppose to be a study or a third bedroom, but it has had everything chucked in there it has become a mess of stress and anxiety so you just close the door and never walk in there. Well this room was just like that, except this family needed the extra room with a baby on the way, so they called in the experts to not just declutter and organise but to also redesign the layout of the room so it made better sense and was overall a lot more functional.


I was very lucky to be asked to participate in this before and after makeover session by Hipages.


If you have a room in your home that you would like to be organised and decluttered, get in contact with us here. 




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