Calmnest Property Styling is a boutique real estate marketing company that specialises in preparing homes for sale.

We have proven results with our development of strategic and effective presentation concepts for our clients.

With a flexible and innovative approach to business, we leverage our knowledge in interior design and experience in real estate to present properties as marketable products.

Our furniture and decor collection is something we strive to keep unique by taking advantage of local artists and furniture designers who produce one off pieces or bespoke collections, to thoughtfully curate a look and feel that is distinctly us and different from our competition.

We provide a full service to help our clients sell well. From Presale Presentation, to Property Preservation, to Furniture Hire and Styling – we do it all.

Our team are qualified interior designers and decorators and have come from various backgrounds within the real estate and architectural spheres, collectively we have worked on hundreds of properties and we are passionate about the property industry.

We work together, some of us remotely, to research, plan and execute all our projects with attention to detail, not excluding curb appeal, ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked and the property is showcased to its fullest potential.

We currently trade in Melbourne Victoria and Perth WA.

We would be thrilled to provide you with an obligation free quote. Get in touch with us here.