4 Fixes You Must Do Before You Sell Your House

Here is my list of 4 fixes you must do before you start thinking about Selling your House. Deciding to put your property on the market can be a challenging experience, this list will give you a place to start.

1. Mini Makeover

A cosmetic renovation is a great way to add appeal to your property to entice more buyers, and make your home feel fresh and new, a mini makeover is more likely to achieve a quick sale and a return on your investment.

  • Painting

The first cosmetic fix to consider is a fresh coat of paint, both internally and externally. You would be surprised how just paint can make a home feel new again and inject life back into the rooms.

  • Gardening

This space of a property tends to be overlooked by other stylists however I feel it is just as important to put as much attention into your external spaces as you do your internal because the garden is the first thing potential buyers see before they walk through your door and first impressions count.

It may be as simple as mowing your lawn, trimming back trees and hedges, pressure washing driveways, re-turfing – or maybe you require a complete landscape design and plant plan.

Ensuring that your gardens look as welcoming and maintained as your internal home is key to achieving the ultimate curb appeal, before you start selling your house.

  • Updating lighting

 Lighting plays with the perception of space and ambience.

Outdated light fixtures should be replaced with modern alternatives when and were possible, this is a simple and inexpensive cosmetic touch-up that can make a dramatic difference to your home.

From a professional point, switching your globes to warm white for living areas and bedrooms as it throws a soft warm glow that seems to make people feel relaxed and is easy on the eyes. External areas tend to benefit from Cool White which makes things look crisp and throws minimal shadow, it has been suggested as a closest thing to daylight, however it does have a blue tint.

While investing in lighting, consider natural light. Natural light is always best especially in darker homes and there are some amazing skylight options available for you to choose from to suit both your home and budget.

  • Minor fixes

The aim of a mini makeover is to make your house look attractive to potential buyers. Minor fixes include fixing or replacing damaged fly-screens, blown light globes, replacing or fixing an old toilet cistern, dripping taps etc. – these sorts of things are usually hardware related and will refresh your home without breaking the bank.

  • Replace or remove carpet and other flooring


should you replace carpet before selling your house?’ The simple answer is yes you should and here is why.

 Whether you have laminate, tiles or carpet or something else, ensuring that your floors look to be in excellent condition is part of the process of preparing your property for sale and ensuring you achieve the best price possible.

Potential buyers do not want to see cracked or chipped tiles, scratched timber floors, stained or torn carpets (nor do they want to see carpet that is outdated) or that smells like pets.

2. Kitchen and Bathroom Improvements

kitchen decorating improvements

Another question I get asked often is ‘should I update my bathroom before selling?’ and the answer is yes you should. From both a prospective buyer and property stylist point-of-view, an outdated bathroom or kitchen are the biggest turn-offs.

  • Update kitchen appliances

Anything that is being sold with the property such as stove, oven, dishwasher etc. need to be in excellent working order, they need to not look outdated or heavily used – this will turn off potential buyers.

I recommend replacing your kitchen appliances with stainless steel alternatives, not only will this add a sleek modern touch, they look luxury and clean.

  • Update, repair or replace kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Opening and closing your drawers and cabinets is something buyers will definitely do so it is important that you make sure your kitchen and bathroom storage areas are in good condition.

Doors and drawers must open and close smoothly, loose hinges should be tightened and should function efficiently, allowing drawers and doors to close without jarring.

Replace any broken hardware or update hardware for a nicer modern finish.

Consider repainting your cabinets as a pose to replacing the entire unit themselves, this will save you money.

Any paint that is chipped or laminate coming off must be repaired or replaced to achieve the desired outcome of looking fresh and new, this in turn adds value to the property.


  • Repair, or replace dripping taps and stained sinks

Taps should not leak, and sinks should be stained and odour free, and should not clog. Hot and cold taps should be marked appropriately and shouldn’t leak when in use.

Taps that are broken or aged should be updated to appeal to the prospective buyer.

  • Resurface grout and banish mould

Black mould on tile grout and surface stains are a big turn off for prospective buyers, as is shower scum and mould on bathroom ceiling, these things must be cleaned and restored to an accepted standard before selling your house.

  • Consider using tile paint

Replacing tiles and damaged laminated bench tops can be a costly endeavour, I suggest using tile or laminate paint to refresh these areas.

3. Declutter

One of the things potential buyers are going to do is look through your built in cabinets and drawers to see how much space there is, for this reason decluttering your cupboards is vital.

Declutter living room

4. Update or replace electrical fittings and fixtures

In older properties, ensure your wiring is tested by a qualified electrician and that your safety switch and circuit breakers are all in optimal condition, brittle wires can cause house fires.

Replace or update faulty power points and switches.

task lighting interior decorating Melbourne

Buyers want to buy a house that is turnkey, anything less will be met with objection and buyers not willing to spend top dollar on your property if they don’t see its worth. If you want to make a quick sale and achieve the best possible price, make sure that you fix your house before you place it on the market, investing in some smart renovation before selling your house is worth it.

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